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Kasjchq is an Experimental Dungeon Noise project.
It is a sub-project to "Niair de Nasqda", as it is focused around the same fictional world. The strange characters of the titles are because they are written in the language from Urania.

"Kasjchq" is the name of a highly poisonous plant that grows in some areas of Pichania.

* * *

Interpretation by Lithine ( lithine-beshnanment.bandcamp.com ) of this track, adapted from what she said as she was listening to the track for the first time:

"Thyrnor is an alchemist, and also a magician apprentice, from Urania, the northernmost realm of Pichania. Dressed in a black hooded tunic, he travelled southwards and went inside a forest looking for herbs that are not found elsewhere. He carries a bag where he keeps herbs in glass bottles and instruments to make potions. He also carries some potions in his belt in case he needs them any moment. Although he can defend himself using magic, he gets tired soon when using it, so he needs the large sword that his older brother gave him, and that he wears it on his back.

In the nighttime he puts himself to rest on a stone by the riverside of a river that runs across the forest. There, hearing the noise of crickets, he looks at the sky, contemplating it.

At first there is calm, but then Thyrnor hears something, a strange sudden sound coming from the forest, at the other side of the river. He gets up from the stone and stares at the dark among the trees, just to hear a much louder noise from the woods behind him, where there are many more trees. Thyrnor turns around and looks towards the heart of the forest, and a sudden spooky cold wind makes him shiver. Scared, he starts to run along the river.

Soon, he starts seeing lights in the distance. They convey tranquillity as he is hurrying towards them. Once there, he can see that they are animals that are having a party, playing different instruments. A white rabbit with red eyes is playing a kind of drum, a duck plays the xylophone, and the rest hide just as Thyrnor arrives. The animals heard something that the he didn't. But the protagonist starts hearing it too, as the noise is getting louder, and all the animals are hidden now. He decides to hide with them, but the animals don't let him.

He keeps running and gets lost in the forest. Suddenly, he stumbles and falls down an unseen precipice. The fall seems eternal to Thyrnor, as if time stood still. He is looking at the brightness of the moon and stars as he falls. Then, before touching the ground something slows him down. The white rabbit with red eyes has come to his aid. He put a kind of bed, made with leaves.

The rabbit asks the protagonist to go with him because the forest scared him and he did not get along well with the rest of the animals. Thyrnor accepts, and in that moment they hear that sound again and they run away.

They keep running until arriving at a clearing with daylight, even though it was still dark in the forest. At last, they get out of that nightmare together. When crossing the clearing, they find a grandiose meadow full of flowers, and they see a castle next to a lake in the distance, to where they are going.

They feel happy, but their fate is unknown. They go towards a castle where they do not know what's going to be inside."


released May 13, 2017
Composed at the end of April, 2017.

Music, cover art and logo by Niair/SolarWeave.



all rights reserved


Niair de Nasqda

Niair de Nasqda is a fantasy/bardic ambient music project by Solar Weave.

Kasjchq is the name of the dungeon/fantasy noise project by the same man.

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